From salon treatments, colouring to just chopping our hair off, we've sadly tried it all
From salon treatments, colouring to just chopping our hair off, we've sadly tried it all

Winters for us translate directly into frizzy, dry hair and crazy scalp issues. Sigh!

We've tried the solutions at salons, as has stand-up comedian Faiza Saleem in her latest DVC for Vatika Hair Oil.

Here's what the usual remedies look like...

1) Cutting down on our hair length

We think hair stylists are secretly on a mission to get our beautiful hair lengths off us, and we really don't know why.


2) Colouring the hair

We've all had our naanis and daadis tell us hair colour does the most damage to hair, but we still do it any way (oopss!).

We remember going to a salon and discussing hair thinning problems only to be told that hair dye will cover it all up and make the hair look healthier and voluminous. Errr... #craycray.

Here's how it helps:

3) Downing fancy meds

Back in the '90s the papers were full of ads for miracle hair meds, and now its the internet. Fish oil supplements, vitamin E shots and Biotin tabs, we've seen it all.

But does it work? Uhh....

4) Giving it up altogether

When all else fails, it's easier to just befriend the problem and learn to live with dry, frizzy and damaged hair.

Here's how it feels though:

Here's what could actually work...

There's no shortcut to success - and that applies to hair problems as well.

The one and only solution that really works to counter these hair problems: oiling. Works without fail, every single time.

Faiza Saleem fights hair damage with Vatika Hair Oil, and we're adding it to our weekend to-do list.

Watch her hilarious story here:

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