'The Big Sick' gets nominated for Hollywood's top writing awards

'The Big Sick' gets nominated for Hollywood's top writing awards

Kumail Nanjiani's film has been nominated in the original screenplay category by The Writers Guild of America
05 Jan, 2018

Kumail Nanjiani's new year is definitely going in the right direction.

The Pakistani-American's film The Big Sick has been nominated by The Writers Guild of America in the original screenplay category. It's up against Get Out, I, Tonya, Lady Bird and The Shape of Water.

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The annual award show recognises Hollywood's screenwriters for outstanding achievements in film, television, radio and video game writing, including both fiction and non-fiction categories.

The Big Sick bagged the Career Achievement Award earlier this year at the Palm Springs International Film Festival; won the Audience Award: Festival Favorites at the South by Southwest film festival last year; and won the Comedy Ensemble Award at the Hollywood Film Awards.


S. Salik Jan 06, 2018 06:44am
It was a pretty good old rom-com but it was a true story. I guess a lot of desi males will relate to this feature if they are married to a western woman, like me.
N abidi Jan 06, 2018 11:27pm
Kumail is a Pakistani that is up there with a lister of HW! Pak should promote this point. Look at BW actress PC and deepika,had 5 min roles,in flopped HW movies!and their media calls them a international star!LOL!