Saif Ali Khan's New Year's resolution is being a better actor... in English.

The actor opened up about his career and life on an episode of Take 2 with Anupama and Rajeev, Saavn's latest online streaming show.

According to Saif, "One of the reasons why I got into films, unfortunately, I'm being honest, is because I wasn't interested in my exams and academics and I just ran away from home and said 'Oh movies sound great'. But I didn't really know what I was talking about."

He added, "So, this desire and this understanding of acting came a bit late for me if it had always been there. If it had been there earlier maybe I might have chosen to struggle in the US, I don't know."

Looks like Saif has indeed learned a lot recently, what with the open letter on nepotism and Kangana's response, Saif may have finally accepted that nepotism exists.

Said Saif, "I think being sensible about it, you have more opportunities and again it's that nepotism thing again. Being mum's son (veteran actress Sharmila Tagore) would give me a more chance here to meet people than in America. But I think in English, I speak in English as a primary language, unless I'm speaking to someone who is working for me usually."

"There's a difference there, so I think I will be a better actor in English because I'll know when I'm lying whereas in Hindi I've never said to a girl ‘aapki aakhein itni khoobsoorat hai' (your eyes are so beautiful) so I don't know whether that sounds genuine or not, I'm not used to saying that," he added.

With Saif's daughter Sara getting ready for her cinematic debut, the Rangoon actor revealed he always knew she wanted to be an actor.

"I have seen her do a very funny advert when she was four and she's been like this all along. There was actress Aishwarya Rai on stage in New York with people going ballistic and Sara sitting on the floor behind the curtain saying 'This is what I want to do'," said Saif.

Sara will be making her debut in film Kedarnath.

Said Saif, "She always wanted to do this, it's just that she took a header you know a shine to academics and then ended up doing so well at Columbia that one thought came, listen maybe a slightly more stable thing because I don't know... who knows. I wish her all the best."