PTV fans, here's a little nostalgia for you!

Patari and Chand Tara Orchestra announced the release of a new devotional track titled Durood Shareef on the auspicious event of the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Produced and directed by Babar Sheikh and performed by Sherry Raza of Chand Tara Orchestra, the recital is a beautiful rendition of the iconic Durood Shareef that charmed the PTV audiences when it first aired in 1980s. And though the reverberations of the original version continue to ring in our minds, the current rendition is also nothing short of gorgeous.

In a press release, Patari says the rendition "is a beautiful reminder to the people of Pakistan, who are living through troubled times, that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was, is and will always be a blessing, not only for the Muslim Ummah but for all of humanity."

"In every age and time, his message of love and peace stands victorious over hatred and bigotry," the statement adds.

One can sense the intricacy in the reworked piece. According to Babar Sheikh, being respectful is an integral part of the process when working on something so classic, something that is etched so deeply in the public memory.

A little different from the original, the current composition includes four lines of a Na’at from the prolific writer Wali-ud-din's book Sareer-e-Khama, paying homage and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Its vocal orchestra comprises men, women and children.

The video is also beautifully done, in it the cinematography surrounding the calligraphy performance by a talented Kashif Khan stands out.

Chand Tara Orchestra is a group of musicians comprising of renowned guitarist Omran Shafique; singer Sherry Raza and bassist Babar Sheikh. Their single Khaak Nasheen was nominated in the Lux Style Awards in 2016.