Rom-com Maan Jao Na's trailer is out now

Updated 21 Nov, 2017 04:41pm

Crew Films' Maan Jao Na, a rom-com about the ups and downs of young love, is set to release next year.

The film's trailer released yesterday, and it appears to be lighthearted fare.

Musician/actor Adeel Chaudhry makes his Pakistani debut with this film and thinks it's just the right film for Pakistani audiences at this time.

"These are the kinds of films people want to watch right now. There's already so much depression and turmoil when it comes to politics and security. So this will be a welcome treat for cinemagoers."

Talking about the film, he shares, "My character Faris is a guy who's really fun-loving. He's a doston ka dost (i.e., a good friend to all his pals). He's in love with his best friend Rania (Naaz Norouzi) but is scared to tell her because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Rania is a free-spirited girl who doesn't believe in marriage or love and has always thought of Haris only as a good friend."

"When other people get involved and rishtas for Naaz start pouring in, Haris starts feeling insecure. How he tries to win her heart, what he goes through, that you'll have to watch in the cinemas."

Adeel also shared with Images that the film's shoot was a challenge.

"Not only did we shoot the film in one stretch over 38 days, I also did all the stunts. The weather's rarely ever harsh in Karachi, but we had a cold spell during which I had to dive into the deep sea and sims around for 45 minutes! It was probably 5 to 6 degree at Hawkes Bay."

"I also did the fight sequences myself and rode my first bike — an 1800 cc Harley Davidson! When you do the stunts yourself, the film gets a more realistic feel."

Maan Jao Na comes out on February 2, 2018.