Verna banned by the CBFC pending further appeal

Verna banned by the CBFC pending further appeal

CBFC Chairman Mubashar Hassan told Images that the filmmakers have 15 days to file an appeal
Updated 14 Nov, 2017

Amidst speculations of a ban on Verna by the Islamabad Central Board of Film Censors, Images can now confirm that Shoaib Mansoor's film has in fact been banned by the Censor Board.

"We are looking into the 'unanimous objections' raised by a panel of CBFC on Verna after the preview under the relevant laws," Chairman CBFC Mobashir Hasan told Images.

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It is not yet certain why the Mahira Khan-starrer has been banned, however, the filmmakers have a chance of turning their fate around - if they issue an appeal in time.

The Chairman added, "The Board will review the decision if the producer files an appeal against the decision of the panel. If [there is no' appeal from the producer then the decision of the panel will be final and implemented."

Hasan expanded that the team of Verna has 15 days to file an appeal, otherwise the Board's decision will be final.

According to Shoaib Mansoor's official press statement issued earlier today, the director has appealed to the CBFC "for the urgent relief of Verna."

Images has reached out to Shoaib Mansoor regarding the ban and is awaiting a response.