10 tweets that show how bad the smog is in Lahore

Published 10 Nov, 2017 04:54pm

Images Staff

Lahoris took to social media to share the current situation of their city

For the past two weeks, Lahore has been engulfed by a blanket of smog.

Pollutants have paralyzed the city to the extent that at citizens cannot tell night and day apart.

Flights have been cancelled, accidents are occurring on the road, and people are worried about their health with respiratory problems on the rise.

If you think it can't be that bad, you're wrong. Its not just dirty dhundh.

Lahoris take to Twitter to share pictures of the smog that has taken over the city.

Was this taken in the morning... or the evening? Who knows?

This doesn't look like sunny Pakistan

Can't see more than 10 feet!

Or is it more like five feet?

This is a pretty bad start to the day...

Because... This is the day

How does anyone even get around?

Yep, that's the sun

And that's Badshahi Mosque!

Pretty bad, right?