12 Oct, 2017

Syed Shafaat Ali has come a long way from his BNN days!

The comedian rose to fame with his impressions of celebrities and politicians and recently confirmed the news that he will be making his film debut with upcoming Parwaz Hai Junoon. But that wasn't enough for the young sensation.

Speaking to Images, Shafaat reveals that he is also gearing up for is drama serial debut with Romeo Weds Heer

The drama stars Feroze Khan and Sana Javed in the lead roles but Shafaat also plays an important character, for which, he says, he had to work very hard.

"It's a very difficult character. The character is a loud rural bumpkin, living in an urban city and he doesn't want to go back to his village. He's afraid of his father-in-law but still tries to stand up to his in-laws."

Shafaat with his cast members
Shafaat with his cast members

The drama, produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, is being directed by Mah-e-Mir director Anjum Shehzad and the script has been written by Dr Muhammad Younis Butt who, according to Shafaat, "has done a brilliant job writing it."

"The way he's written my character has given me some margin to make the character my own. I feel lucky about that but I still had to work really hard on the character's psyche and understanding all the details about the character. This is obviously not mimicry but a whole psychology that I need to grasp. It took me time to learn the character," says Shafaat.

He adds,"Anjum Shehzad said he left film projects for this drama so he takes it very seriously. I think he's a brilliant actor and wonderful in theater so as a director he will also helm this project well."

Shafaat revealed that the cast also includes Ali Safina, Firdous Jamal, Mariam Ansari and Tara Mehmood.

Does this mean Syed Shafaat is leaving his comedy roots to pursue acting? Not at all, as the comedian promises to stick to what he's been doing.

"I'm going on with my social media videos and stand-up comedy. I don't plan on immersing myself in film and drama but I'll just be careful with my selections."

The launch date for Romeo Weds Heer has yet to be revealed.