Malala asked for packing tips for Oxford. How did Twitter respond?

Published 01 Oct, 2017 01:57pm

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The 20-year-old Nobel Prize winner is set to start her Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree at Oxford

As she packs for Oxford, education activist Malala Yousufzai has asked for advice.

"Packing for university," she tweets. "Any tips? Advice? Dos and dont's? #HelpMalalaPack"

And Twitter users have dipped into their uni packing experience and shared some valuable tricks!

There was LOTS of practical advice on offer:

This guy thinks Malala will need more pens than the average uni student!

Some suggested a non-essential or two wouldn't hurt...

People also offered tips on how she could make friends:

Some say Malala herself is the most important part of her move to Oxford:

We have to agree and wish Malala the very best of luck as she embarks on her uni life at Oxford!