Updated 14 Nov, 2017

Time to ditch the gym selfies and get into gear. An upcoming competition is calling all fitness junkies from Pakistan.

Titled Fit In 5 Games, this competition, which is inspired by the famous CrossFit Games in the US, seeks to crown the fittest woman and fittest man in Pakistan. An initiative of Mustafa Totana of Fit In 5 bootcamp, the Games will enable athletes to test their abilities against their peers in the country. The seven-day event will take place over nine days from October 20-29 in Karachi.

"I train all year round, [but then I wonder] where should I showcase my fitness? The things I'm good at and bad at, the things I can and cannot do. Once you go on a competition you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are," Mustafa told Images.

Fit In 5 Games is divided into six rounds. The first three days all participants will be competing, but in heats - meaning batches of 20 per round each day. Trainers will be assigned to each individual to monitor the exercises and number of reps.

Fit In 5 Games schedule.
Fit In 5 Games schedule.

On Oct 24th, 40 finalists from each age group will be announced who will then be competing in the final three days of the competition for the title.

"We have tyres, box jumps, tree locks, rope climbing, dumbbells, bar bells, cycling, skipping rope, you name it," explained the trainer without revealing the exact exercises in each round of the competition.

"It took me two years to plan everything right. It's not about the prize money, it's not about the tickets, it's not about the merchandise you get from the sponsors. It's all about the title: Fittest Male and Female of Pakistan."

Who can participate?

Anybody interested in the competition can join, provided they are 18 and above.

The competition has been divided into two age groups: one is Individual Male and Individual Female for ages 18-34 and the other is Masters Male for ages 35-45. The workouts and intensity will differ for both age groups.

Working the box jump during a Fit In 5.session,
Working the box jump during a Fit In 5.session,

Mustafa added that people with injuries can also participate. Their workouts will be different from the above groups; they will be placed in the Master's group but their exercises will be tweaked and modified to their needs.

Who's judging?

Trainers from different gyms have been roped in to be part of the judges panel. "We have some of the best trainers from all over Pakistan, including head judge Wasif Muhammad of Club M, CORE Karachi, MUV Base, Structure, Rizwan Noor Fitness."

Wait for the workout videos

To make the competition fair for people from all fitness backgrounds, the Fit In 5 Games team will release workouts a month prior to the competition.

The four 20-minute workout videos will be released on Fit In 5's Facebook page as well as their website and will include three to four different exercises and reps required of the participant on game day. The videos are the exact replicas of the workout that will have to be performed on game day.

Fit In 5 bootcamp.
Fit In 5 bootcamp.

This will help create an even playing field for people from active backgrounds and otherwise. He added that there's also going to be a free, three-day workshop for all athletes prior to the competition. All the trainers will be available and they will guide the participants through the moves and postures.

"Once the top 40 individuals [from each age group] have been shortlisted, that's when the workouts will either be announced a day prior or on game day."

Mustafa added, "You need to be good in strength, cardiovascular exercises and gymnastics."

"It's all about strategy," he revealed. "Save your energy in the beginning for the last exercise so you can go hard."

The winner will receive Rs 200,000 prize money, a return ticket to Turkey and merchandise from sponsors.

If you're interested, you can register on their website.


khan Sep 13, 2017 09:59am
wish i could have joined as being overseas its not possible as i am in Boot camp my self for long...
Chooran band Sep 13, 2017 10:05am
Good initiative!
tahir Sep 13, 2017 11:03am
Great Initiative. Hope it goes well and continues over the years.
Nusrat Sep 13, 2017 12:06pm
Can it be luddo, carrom board, kish, snake & ladder???
KB Sep 13, 2017 02:34pm
Excellento...bring on such event more...bring in sponsors like Redbull to these events. Good to know it is happening in Karachi instead of Lahore and Punjab. It must be held in all cities of Pakistan. This is one of the healthy things we can bring to our ailing society. Wish I could participate in this event but....I have to go bigger ones....;)
Sohail sardar Sep 14, 2017 10:43am
Great to know about event it's very good for sports lovers great effort fitn5 I am in inshallah