Coke Studio Episode 3 had quite a few promising tracks: Sajjad Ali's daughter Zaw made her debut in a track with her father, 'Ronay Na Diya'; Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat paid tribute to Madame Noor Jehan with 'Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat' and QB performed a rock rendition of 'Laal Meri Pat'. Aima Baig enjoyed the spotlight in 'Baazi' with Sahir Ali Bagga.

So what were the standout songs of the night? Twitter's given its verdict.

Zaw may have made the debut of her dreams.

Laal Meri Pat divided the audience...

People either loved it...

...or hated it!

Predictably, people couldn't accept another version of Madame Noorjehan's track:

But Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat won over some listeners...

And Aima Baig may as well be the new Momina Mustehsan!

Coke Studio Episode 3 airs on TV this evening.