Updated 27 Aug, 2017

Gone are the days when work meant slogging in a cubicle from 9 to 5.

Freelancing or project-based workflows have become increasingly common in Pakistan, and more often than not people are found working at home. However, some feel the need for a change of environment to get into the 'work zone', and if they're not signed up at a co-working solution, then you'll find them buried behind their laptop at a cafe.

But of course, all cafes aren't created equal for work purposes.

The Images team hit a bunch of Karachi's most popular cafes last week to see which ones are work-friendly. Could they really be a substitute for a home office?

We looked at the following factors before making our judgement: accessibility (WiFi/power outlets), staff attitude, ambience, food and affordability.

Here are the cafes we worked from and how they ranked.

Gloria Jeans (Sindhi Muslim)

Rating: 3/10

Unfortunately, our work experience at the Sindhi Muslim Gloria Jeans was over before it started...

We arrived at around 9.30am and upon inquiring about the WiFi, a server diligently gave us their complicated password but failed to mention that the WiFi wasn't working at all. #GoFigure

Gloria Jeans Sindhi Muslim's internet issues were a huge disappointment
Gloria Jeans Sindhi Muslim's internet issues were a huge disappointment

If only we could say that this was a one-time thing. We've tried working at Gloria's a number of times and it has rarely offered a decent connection... and their staffers don't really care much. Even if we'd bring our own WiFi device, the ambience isn't the most work friendly; it's loud, oddly warm and the seating feels congested. They do have decent socket locations though.

Luckily, we hadn't ordered our morning coffee yet. And so we skedaddled to our closest alternative...


Rating: 4/10

This place is usually a favourite spot for a hearty meal but it was a major let-down as a workspace. We went on a Wednesday around 10am and as usual, their morning was busy.

The first thing we asked for was a socket for our laptops and we were told there's only one, that too next to the loneliest table behind a pillar. Though it did provide privacy, it was too squished in a corner and the table barely had space for the food and laptop.

The WiFi worked fine in the beginning, but as the light kept fluctuating the internet died after a while. The service was good but unfortunately, the food wasn't up to the mark - don't know what went wrong - the fresh juice was the only saving grace tbh.

Lacking any cushioning, the cafe's wooden chairs can make you feel sore after a while. If you're thinking of working here, it's best to stay for an hour or two at best - and bring your headphones along, the chatter (and lack of music) can get bothersome. It's unfortunate but we left Neco's with a bad taste in our mouths - pun intended.

Dunkin Donuts

Rating: 5/10

We visited the Dunkin Donuts on the main Shahrah-e-Faisal/Tipu Sultan intersection at around noon. It was relatively quiet - no music, so you can hear your own thoughts (bonus!). The usual sounds of the city and occasional tings of the cash register give it a small town coffee shop vibe. No flies, good air conditioning and ample sunlight - all make for an energising ambience to help late risers get crackin' without wasting more time.

Dunkin Donuts on Tipu Sultan/Shahrah-e-Faisal would have been a good workspace had it not been for the absence of WIFi
Dunkin Donuts on Tipu Sultan/Shahrah-e-Faisal would have been a good workspace had it not been for the absence of WIFi

The staff was friendly. The coffee was great too (for non-coffee snobs). And the prices here are a win, food and drinks are perhaps as cheap as it can get with quality control. A separate smoking area outside was also a major plus!

However, there is no WiFi at DD so you'll have to carry your own WiFi device. That is the one thing DD really needs to work on, considering that it's located in an area bustling with office-goers.


Rating: 8/10 - Tipu Sultan

The Espresso at Tipu Sultan has WiFi and a friendly staff that plugs in your laptop for you. The coffee is good too. The music can get too loud at times to allow for much thought; since it is more cafe than coffee shop, it can get noisy with chatter and children running around.

Rating: 5/10 - Shahbaz

The Espresso on Shahbaz isn't any better for people looking to get some work done. Although the WiFi was good, the staff wasn't very helpful and the upstairs windows are tinted so it's quite dingy and dim, even during the day. Not the most positive place to start your day from.

See what we mean about it being dim?
See what we mean about it being dim?

That being said, Espresso does serve the best mochaccino in town so big thumbs up for that alone.


Rating: 6/10

Located on Shahbaz, Mocca offers spacious accommodation for those looking to huddle away from the world.

The cafe is clean and clutter-free with spaced-out tables. However, its very spaciousness makes it a bit of an echo chamber: every sound in this cafe seemed to be amplified. If you love a quiet, hushed space this might not work for you.

Pros: they've printed the WiFi password on their menu - genius, because then you don't have to ask your server for it. The WiFi was mostly consistent and electrical outlets were conveniently located under our seats. The staff is unobtrusive and leaves you be until you call for their attention.

However, the place gets busy after 5pm and music mixed with chatter don't really gel well, so if you're planning to work late you'll need headphones. The seats weren't uncomfortable and the bright white lights overhead were a major buzzkill. It was actually so bright inside the cafe we felt we were working at an airport or a doctors office. Not the best.

Non-smokers will love it for being smoke-free. Also, food is on the pricey side... and not something to write home about.

Roadside Cafe

Rating: 6.5/10

This one was a pleasant surprise. We've always liked the vibe at this little joint but we didn't necessarily think it was the best place to work from, especially in this weather during the day time.

That being said, having spent three hours during the afternoon there, we didn't really feel hot even once. The staff was extremely courteous, setting up three fans around the table; they even agreed to open early for us since we got there at 2pm and they usually open at 3 pm. However this might be a deal breaker for people who want to get work done in the morning.

Nevertheless, it was peaceful and quiet, the food was easy on the pocket too, lots of sockets — and they had excellent WiFi!

New York Coffee House

Rating: 7/10

New York Coffee serves good breakfast while you get cracking on your day's to-do list
New York Coffee serves good breakfast while you get cracking on your day's to-do list

New York Coffee at Sindhi Muslim offers a lot of convenience to workers-on-the-go. There are quite a few laptop charging slots, you can smoke upstairs (if you feel the need) and there's a wide variety of breakfast options that are reasonably priced.

Internet issues at New York Coffee can bring the worst out of us
Internet issues at New York Coffee can bring the worst out of us

What could be frustrating is the hot-and-cold internet that at times completely gives up, but thankfully it didn't happen that much, we were able to get our work done.

Service is generally quick at NYC, and the staffers generally leave you alone so that you can work in peace
Service is generally quick at NYC, and the staffers generally leave you alone so that you can work in peace

The chairs are cushy but the music can be loud; however, the friendly staff will turn it down for you if you ask them. Service is generally quick at NYC, and the staffers generally leave you alone so that you can work in peace.


Rating: 8/10

If you're looking for a work space that offers good food, has a nice comfy vibe and friendly staff, Floc on Zamzama should be your go to place. It's a small place with eight tables but the service is good and food, insert thumbs up emoji.

We went there around 9.30/10am on a Friday; there was little sign of civilisation, which allowed us to sit wherever we liked, the music was perfect for mornings (trust us, very few places get it right). Here's what we loved: the place is lined with sockets along each table; it's not too heavy on the pocket, also they make in-house almond milk. Winning? Totally. However, the WiFi was a bit of an issue; it kept going off for a few minutes from time to time and it's not smoke-free (bummer) - though they have an air purifier!

Probably our favourite feel were the large windows, you get the warm feel of the sunlight, and there's a sense of calm due to the lack of activity outside - since it's located right near the end of 10th Zamzama lane.

Note: if you plan on sitting for long hours your best bet are the sofas, otherwise you'll be sorry.. ouch!

T2F cafe

Rating: 8/10

We'd be crazy to talk about working out and not mention T2F. The cafe is known for having many freelancers working around and for good reason. There are numerous sockets, decent WiFi and the most work-friendly ambience around. The seating can get a little uncomfortable if you sit too long but a little break from the table can fix that.

Being so work friendly, T2F cafe only asks that you order for a minimum of Rs. 150 every hour. But it's nothing alarming as T2F has some of the most affordable food and drinks around. Majority of the menu comes under Rs500 and that includes their meals. Snacks and drinks are all under Rs300.

The staff leaves you alone and makes a round every now and then just to check up on you.

The only issue that T2F has for us is the location. T2F cafe isn't exactly central, it's really far away from most of the other cafes we frequent (so cafe-hopping is a problem). Unless you live close by, it is difficult to make a plan to get to T2F just to work.


Rating: 8/10

Lal's is a bustling place, located right on main Shahbaz, so you can expect a crowd at all times of the day - especially in the tiny upstairs portion. This might not be for you if you want privacy.

However, can we just say that the WiFi at Lal's is awesome, better than the one at work! We could Instagram, update stories, work without any issues. Total win. Sorry, had to let it be known.

Here's what else we loved: The windows! Lal's interior has a vintage feel to it and its English windows are the best part. The place was bright with indirect sunlight which honestly is the only kind of sunlight we can handle in Karachi. For those who need sunlight to get their creative juices flowing this will definitely serve as motivation.The tables were big enough to accommodate all five team members - yes all, and allow easy conversation. The menu offers affordable items but service needed attention, we had to keep calling for the staff.

What didn't work for us was the music. Like our co-worker said, "It's like you're in Florence" but not in a good way, work mode requires some upbeat music.

For people who like smoking, the upstairs area works, but if smoke irks you then it's not the ideal place to sit as the space is small and the smoke can get to you.

Unfortunately for a place offering such a pretty interior, working on a laptop can be a bit problematic because not every table has access to an electrical outlet.


Rating: 8.5/10

The charging points for laptops at Butler's are limited to the smoking section so that might pose a problem for people bothered by secondhand smoke
The charging points for laptops at Butler's are limited to the smoking section so that might pose a problem for people bothered by secondhand smoke

With stable WiFi, comfortable seating and a menu that offers something for everyone, Butler's was a surprise hit when we set up our workstation at the popular Zamzama cafe one morning.

Not teeming with patrons on a Thursday morning, the noise level was tolerable but it wasn't serene - but hey neither is our newsroom on most days.

The charging points for laptops are limited to the smoking section so that might pose a problem for people bothered by secondhand smoke.

The staff is courteous, offering to huddle under the table to plug in your laptop before you even have to ask.

The BIGGEST plus at Butler's - and this bears repeating - was their excellent WiFi, which made us forget that internet connectivity could be an issue in the first place.

The downside to Butler's is that you can't get too attached... breakfast and coffee can cost you over a Rs. 1000 easily, so not everyone can afford the daily trip!

Did we miss out on a cafe you like to work at? Comment below.


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what about the same review for Islamabad ?
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Non of above
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@Khurram Nope, we'll stick to Karachi only, you do your own research in Isloo!!
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Is this all environment safe. What about snatching and robberies in Karachi.
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How about Bloomsbury in DHA Phase VI?
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Would the coffee lovers like to know about specialty coffee? Which part of the world is moving the coffee legend Starbucks to buy 50% of their stock from? I am based here in East Congo, surrounded by world's best coffee. I am no coffee expert, but a tour operator and available to provide facilitation for exploitation by our Pakistanis interested in. Contact me pls. (If Dawn can help in Pakistanis getting their hands at this treasure by sharing my email address)
Nadeem, USA Aug 25, 2017 08:03pm
Your review remind me a show on Zee TV on new Indian movie, which I used to watch 20+ years ago. Based on anchor's review movie became flop or hit. One week he talked about Anil Kapoor and Sri Devi movie Judai, according to him "it's a flop movie." First week movie was not doing good business, after few days movie picked up and did record business. Producer, director and actors of the movie was cursing anchor and producer of the show for imposing their views on common public. I advise you not to comment or grade one's business, they will lose their customers. Let people decide if they want to go to that place again or not. If I'm you, instaed of pointing finger who is good and bad. I stay home, make an excellent cup of coffie for myself, go to the best corner of my house, play music depned on my mood and enjoy working from home.
Zurain ImAM Aug 25, 2017 09:01pm
Zurain ImAM Aug 25, 2017 09:02pm
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Pakistani's don't work in their offices why would they work in an internet café??
Abbas Khan Aug 26, 2017 01:11am
must we imitate the west in everything.? And because of the western names and styles these places are expensive that can only cater to 5% or less of the population in Karachi. What happened to places like Rehan Corner or Jeno Corner?
Farooq Aug 26, 2017 03:22am
@Khurram Sorry but Islamabad... No taste = no review = 0/10... :-P Visit Karachi, the city of food! ;-)
NKAli Aug 26, 2017 11:01am
New York Coffee House must get its name changed to 'Karachi Shareef Coffee House' or just 'Karachi Coffee House.' Frankly, my penchant for Karachi is very strong. No offense meant to anybody. A very nice survey and well presented. Salams
Hamid Aug 29, 2017 08:29am
We live in eastern society not a western culture where people spend time after offices in bars and cafes. I hope this review only important for some percentage of people who spend this time. I only love phatan chai hotel ever where cheap tea with paratha every one enjoy free gup shup. One more cafe open in a different style cafe parado but totally different.
ZEEN Aug 29, 2017 10:53am
@Zurain ImAM