Which parent wouldn’t want to help their own kid? Naseeruddin Shah on nepotism

Updated 12 Aug, 2017 11:09am

Images Staff

The Bollywood actor has something to add to the age-old debate

The debate on nepotism is not dying anytime soon, and this time Naseeruddin Shah has a few words to share on the matter.

“I don't understand why only the film industry has been accused of this. People in other industries do it as well," says the actor, when he points out that nepotism is prevalent elsewhere too.

"You don't see people creating a major debate when businessmen put their kids in charge of their business. Or you don't say anything to politicians who help their kids get into politics?"

Shah believes that the film industry has been unfairly targeted when it comes to nepotism and that people need to take a broader look on the matter. "I don’t think it’s fair to talk about nepotism only in the film industry, when its prevalent in other places as well."

Instead, he justifies the issue by asking a rhetorical question, "Isn't that a very natural thing to do?"

"Which parent wouldn’t want to help their own kid get a better way than they had in the industry? If one knows how things are in the industry, and your children want to be part of the same industry, it’s only natural that you would want them to not repeat the same mistakes