"On 4th January, 1949, I gave my first speech on radio," recalls late Urdu scholar Aslam Farrukhi.

Known for his countless literary contributions, Farrukhi was also a part of Radio Pakistan after it came into being on Aug 14, 1947. In this recording he recollects his experience of working for radio during its early years and tolerating the harsh conditions due to low budget.

The space that radio was allotted had two rooms, "One part of this room had a control room, and the other had two studios. Once the doors were closed, it used to get extremely hot in there!" he explained.

"We didn't even have enough money to buy Petromax Lanterns, so at times we did programs using torches. I have personally experienced this. We used to feel harsh sunlight, and got soaked when it rained."

Aslam Farrukhi passed away in 2016. Some of his notable works are 'Raunaq-i-Bazm-i-Jahan,' 'Angan Mein Sitare' and 'Guldasta-i-Ahbaab.'

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