7 epic makeup tips for people who wear glasses

7 epic makeup tips for people who wear glasses

When you need to up your look but can't skip the frames
04 Jul, 2019

So you're going to a casual meetup with your friends and you decide to up your look. You get your eyes kohled, your wing sharp and lashes long. And then, you put on your glasses and no one can see just how perfect your eye makeup is.

Sound familiar?

For the most part, I wear glasses. They're easy, safe, less demanding than contacts and the only thing I don't have commitment issues with. But I'm well known for my love for makeup and can't try out many fun looks because of my glasses.

There are many occasions where I can't really switch to contacts and get ready to go out. I have to make do with the glasses. So after years of experimenting I have a few ideas about rocking makeup with glasses.

Here are 7 tips -- tried and tested by me!

1) Lighten your waterline

We desis love kohl on our waterline. It's almost soothing to have your eye shaped by a black outline. But when you wear glasses, this makes your eyes look smaller.

Go for a lighter shade on the waterline to make your eyes. White and peach are the common choice for brightening up the eyes but I feel more comfortable with a brown that is soft but still sticks to a sultry finish.

2) Double the liner

While it's best to stick to a nude look when in glasses (upper lid) it's best to thicken up your eyeliner to frame the eye better.

Also, try to wing out your liner in a way so the the extended line goes up to the corner of your frame.

3) Up the lower lash game

No matter how wide your glasses are, chances are the frames will make it difficult to show off your eye makeup, which is why try to stick to the lower lash line. While I still don't suggest black, dark shades can work, I love the smokey lower lash. Also, its the perfect place to have a pop of colour! So you can really experiment with your lower lash, it's your best feature in glasses.

Pro tip: If you have coloured frames, go for either a shade lighter than your frame for a soft look and a contrast for a statement.

4) Highlight the inner corner

Blame our love for highlighters but this is the best way to brighten up the eyes. A pop of highlighter in the inner corner of your eye really helps prevent the sunken look you get when you have glasses on. Plus, it makes you feel super bling... That's not a phrase but it makes sense here so spare me.

5) Volumising mascara

It's tempting to apply a mascara that gives you super long lashes but it's a nuisance glasses-wearers know too well. You have to keep readjusting your frames, probably clean them every few seconds and reminisce those moments when you could blink in peace.

We hate to say it but you'll have to ditch the length. Opt for a volumising mascara that thickens rather than lengthens. Go for a lash primer to add to the volume and don't be concerned about the length. This look is fine for glasses.

Tip: curl your lashes to prevent them from hitting the glass as well.

6) Frame your brows

There's a chance your glasses are hiding a part of your brows but the part that's visible can help pull your look together. Glasses end up drawing attention to your brows anyway so have them suit your frames because that is what'll shape your face for a finished look.

Make sure to highlight your brow bone to accentuate the shape.

7) A bold lip colour

It's a common makeup tip to focus on either the eyes or the lips. There is a reason light eye makeup is recommended in glasses. take the drama from your eyes to your lips.

This is your opportunity to have a fun bold lipstick, be the star of your look. Even colours that seem to bright or intimidating are comparatively toned down due to frames and this is a great way to look fierce in glasses. I'm known for my dark berry lip collection. Try out a bright red or a hot pink! The possibilities are endless!


Go forth and conquer fellow four eyes!


Naveed KhAN Jul 25, 2017 09:11am
eye-click is amazing :)
ghinva rAZA Jul 25, 2017 10:12am
u look fierce as hell girl!! beautiful! mashaallah
Moona Jul 25, 2017 04:35pm
Be careful with makeup. Most of it is toxic and can give you severe health problems.
khan Jul 26, 2017 08:36am
good one:)
Farah (New York) Jul 26, 2017 07:15pm
very nice, Well done!!
Anon Jul 06, 2019 12:24am
@Laila You don't wear makeup but you're calling her effort amateurish? Judgmental much?