Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed's Eid celebration will melt your heart

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed's Eid celebration will melt your heart

The two celebrated their first Eid as a married couple at an orphanage
26 Jun, 2017

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed celebrated their first Eid as a married couple, But they did things differently than you'd expect.

The celebrity couple's relationship is every hopeless romantic's dream. And the couple has never shied away from sharing their happiness with the fans.

This Eid-ul-fitr, being their first after their marriage, the two wanted to make it a little more special.

So 'UrHan' bid farewell to Ramazan by visiting the Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage and spending time with the children there. Can we say adorable?

They played games, sang songs and shared gifts with them.

Urwa grits her teeth because she just cant with this cute little human!

So. Cute!

They have the best time with the children, singing to songs and sharing laughter.

A young fan captures the celeb couple in a phone.

What a star-studded evening, all smiles shining bright.


Mohammad Ali Jun 26, 2017 03:20pm
A good couple. And that's a good action on their behalf. It's a pleasure that they keep sympathetic feelings for humanity and thus they celebrate their Eid.
Noshin Jun 26, 2017 03:22pm
Noshin Jun 26, 2017 03:23pm
Even better
NACParis Jun 26, 2017 04:16pm
What a way to celebrate Eid. Keep it up with good work. Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage deserve more visits from you both as they are doing great work
ABu BAKAR Jun 26, 2017 05:40pm
Most effective way for Publicity .. No offence please , but reality .
ABu BAKAR Jun 26, 2017 05:41pm
An effective way for publicity . No offence please.
syed ahmed Jun 26, 2017 06:02pm
A drop in sea but very humble, do something constructive.
Asif A Shah Jun 26, 2017 06:21pm
A very nice gesture. I hope that other celebrities will do similar things.
Zoaib Jun 27, 2017 01:17am
These are the real stars! God Bless!
Mahnoor naseer Jun 27, 2017 05:17pm
Nice couple forever
Sameer Jun 27, 2017 06:58pm
Even if for the photo ops...this maybe the only thing coming well from these two.
Shahzad Jun 28, 2017 01:36am
Adorable! They brought smile on the faces of those innocent soles! Keep up the good work and hopefully other celebs would follow your footsteps.
RAZA Jun 28, 2017 12:25pm
@ABu BAKAR Have you ever been to an Orphanage in your lifetime? I have never been myself too. Let's appreciate people who matter and will encourage others to visit Orphanage and spent a good day with Orphans bringing cheers to their faces.
Syed irfan ali Jun 28, 2017 03:02pm
Best gesture...
Zala Jun 28, 2017 05:17pm
Other celebrities should follow this gesture/trend from this young couple. Awesome!
Shereen Aftab Jun 29, 2017 07:13pm
very commendable.
Amer Rao Jun 30, 2017 03:57pm
Nice trend in Pakistan.