Chain Aye Na's trailer is out and Syed Noor, we want answers

Updated 15 Jul, 2017 01:24am

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The trailer is worrisome

Chain Aye Na was a film that had us excited.

First, it was almost a comeback for director Syed Noor, who has claimed that he wants to bring back dignified films to Pakistani cinema. And second, Noor has cast Shahroz Sabzwari and Sarish Khan as the leads, making him one of the few directors to cast new faces rather than going for stars. We had high hopes. We made a mistake.

The Chain Aye Na trailer just came out last night and while it was already a surprise that it released so quietly into the night, what was even more surprising was the trailer itself.

We genuinely can't comprehend this trailer and are still waiting for someone to jump up and say "Gotcha!" because, just what did we see?

The plot seems to revolve around the romance between Shahroz Sabzwari and Sarish Khan, which appears cursed. The pursuit of this romance leads to some very bloody situations for the hero. There might be a third person (Adil Murad) infatuated with Khan, who is a really sleazy dude and probably the villain.

Hmm we wonder who the bad guy is
Hmm we wonder who the bad guy is

As you can see, we have way too many speculations, but nothing concrete. With a four and a half minute long trailer, you'd think we'd know some storyline.

That's not all. The music and camera quality is disturbing and the acting and script seems weak. There is an extreme lack of direction and even if we hope that there's more to the film's plot that these four and a half minutes, we can't say the same for the quality of the production. Come on, just look at that 'blood' splatter!

Chain Aye Na feels like a flop that has time-traveled from the '80s (like, not even one of the good films from back then!) and we're genuinely concerned about the young actors who joined the cast with so much aspiration to work with Syed Noor.

The wardrobe could've been better
The wardrobe could've been better

Seriously. With Pakistani films trying their best to revive the entertainment industry, this seems like a major setback.

The film is set for release this year on July 21.