Sony reigns this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo with PS4 exclusives like Spider-Man

Sony reigns this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo with PS4 exclusives like Spider-Man

Sony unveiled other games as well like Shadow of Colossus and God of War 4
13 Jun, 2017

The PlayStation 4 has been a tough contender in the gaming world but Sony isn't done with it.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony showcased trailers of all its upcoming video games which included exclusives for the PS4 and even some pleasant surprises.

Sony unveiled a new Spider-Man video game which is slated for release next year. The unveiling also showed the gameplay and a little abut how the story will go about and honestly, we're a little more excited about this game than we are about the movie that comes out this July!

Apart from Spider-Man, Sony also had some announcements that had gamers rejoicing, including a remake of the 2005 hit game Shadow of Colossus and the next installation of God of War, which is also an in-house favourite! Sony also showed the gameplay for God of War 4, showing that it is going to be rather different from the first three installments.

A movie for God of War has also been in talks for a while but there was nothing revealed in relation to that. Oh well, we're waiting.

Sony is also getting on the VR (Virtual Reality) bandwagon, showing plans for their brand new PSVR with an interesting Zelda style game called Moss, which is about the adventures of a mouse.

The E3 is an annual three day conference which is almost a premiere event where big brands showcase whats new for their company in terms of video games and related products. Apart from Sony, Microsoft and Bioware were also companies that unveiled their latest products. But with Sony's exclusives and remakes, there's no debate that it has taken over the conference this year.


Infidel Jun 13, 2017 07:18pm
Waiting for Metro Exodus to release. Its gonna be awesome.
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shahzad Jun 14, 2017 10:13am
a good biased article from Fanboy, though i am also an owner of PS but i think Microsoft has better or equal conference to sony in terms of exclusives and hardware enhancement.
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Ash Jun 14, 2017 09:43pm
@shahzad Yeah, you wish.Nice try though.
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