The first look of Urwa Hocane's Rangreza is out!

Updated 05 Jun, 2017 05:33pm

Images Staff

Urwa plays "a kind-hearted girl whose purity makes her rare"

We've been waiting on word on the upcoming musical film Rangreza and its first look teaser is finally out!

A dreamy looking Bilal Ashraf, a pensive and distraught Urwa Hocane and a deranged Gohar Rasheed are seen in this teaser and we wonder just how these characters' storylines intersect.

While Gohar Rasheed has only revealed that his character is unlike any other he's played before, Urwa's character Reshmi is "a kind-hearted, soulful, beautiful girl whose purity makes her rare."

Rangreza will be directed by first-time director Aamir Mohiuddin, who describes it as "a film based on music, in which we are exploring the contrast between classical qawwali and modern pop music. A love story will join the contrast," shared the director with Images.

The film is also said to star veteran actor Akber Subhani, as well as Saleem Mairaj, Tanveer Jamal and Shahid Naqvi. The musical film will feature an eight-song soundtrack, featuring Qurram Hussain (Q) of Josh, Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad qawwals and others.

Qurram Hussain with the cast
Qurram Hussain with the cast

While the film is being shot in Karachi, its songs are planned in "never-before-seen areas of Pakistan."

It is slated for a December 21 release this year.