Saba Rizwan is the surprise hero of Sahir Lodhi's Ramazan transmission

Published 02 Jun, 2017 04:15pm

Images Staff

Sahir Lodhi interrupted Saba on TV and scolded her like a child. In a video response, Saba hits back

Fortunately for Saba Rizwan, living in the age of social media means that she can make her voice heard even after Sahir Lodhi silences her on television.

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The young woman was a victim of Sahir Lodhi's misguided attempt to defend Jinnah earlier this week. Lodhi brusquely interrupted her speech on women's rights to accuse her and the audience of blaming the Quaid for the state of Pakistan, and he didn't allow her to conclude her performance. He later apologised - but in a video response to Lodhi that she posted on Facebook, Saba makes it clear that everything is not forgiven.

In a savvy move, Saba kicks off her video by completing her speech, saying: "I will begin from where I was silenced, reciting the poem that was accused of taunting Pakistan's founder. Let's hear the poem first, then I'll speak."

She goes on to explain how the speech did not taunt or insult Jinnah and gives a shout out to those who understood her message better than Lodhi did before taking on the TV host.

"Sahir Lodhi apologised to me on his show, but he only apologised for his rough manner of speech, whereas he should have apologised for humiliating a woman on live TV. He should also have apologised for interrupting a debater in the middle of her speech such that her point could not be completed and he should also have apologised for misinterpreting my statements," she said.

"For these reasons I am boycotting Sahir Lodhi's show," she continued. "If my voice can be silenced on that show once, it is likely it will be silenced again.

She concluded by saying: "Sahir bhai himself said if only half of what is said is heard, mohabbat will decrease. But wasn't only half my statement heard as well?"

With such a mature response in the bag, we can't help but feel Saba is well on her way to a successful career.