We know Justin Bieber fans must have gone crazy at this concert in Mumbai yesterday.

But do you know there was a method to the madness?

We'll break it down for you:

Stage 1: Log kya kehenge?!

Adult attendees of the Bieber concert may have booked their tickets in incognito mode.

Stage 2: Is it really worth it?

For every desi, the price tag was almost a deal breaker.

Stage 3: Just give in.

But for the love of the Biebs, ya went with it... and found out you're not alone!

Stage 4: You discover there are bigger fans than you.

In fact, some challenge your fandom.

Stage 5: You begin to have some regrets

You wonder if JB's really worth it...

Stage 6: Your loyalty is really, really tested

Things were difficult

Stage 7: You see JB for the first time

commence unintelligible screaming

Stage 8: Your brain starts shutting down

You don't know how to handle all this...

Stage 9: He starts talking... to people... directly!

Oh. Em. Gee.

Stage 10: Things escalate very, VERY quickly

Brain now functioning at lightning speed

Stage 11: You have the time of your life

Just look at them moves.

Stage 12: You try to subdue your inner desi troll...

Stage 13: ...and also your inner desi aunty...

Stage 14: ...'cos all this is pretty awesome!

Stage 15: But then, you have a realisation

Stage 16: You start having a strong case of buyer's remorse

Stage 17: Ammi's words ring in your ears

Stage 18: And then comes the morning after

Stage 19: You decide it was totally worth it, especially with your bragging rights