Half Girlfriend's trailer is proof that Bollywood isn't over its stalker syndrome

Published 10 Apr, 2017 02:30pm

Images Staff

Because relentlessly chasing a girl is what's still romantic in Bollywood

The trailer for Bollywood flick Half Girlfriend and we're wondering if that's the best the film's got.

The film stars Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, and the story should have been about the weird 'in-between' status of modern-day relationships — are we a couple? Are we not a couple? — but instead promotes the Bollywood stalker hero that we all must love.

Why else would we keep seeing this trope over and over again, right?

The trailer shows Arjun Kapoor as a Bihari boy falling for a girl who's shown to be way out of his league. In fact, she's the super popular girl. He bonds with her over their love for basketball but quickly falls for her but Shraddha isn't really feeling it. The end? Not really.

The trailer shows Arjun's character becoming violent but apparently it doesn't matter because he's in love, to the point that he is willing to follow his crush to the United States to track her down and be with her... or make her be with him. At one point he says: "I will find her from any corner of the world." Yikes. Honestly, if you change the extremely cheesy romanchuk song in the background to the theme from Psycho, you'd see what we mean.

Yeeeeeah totally not a creep
Yeeeeeah totally not a creep

Will the film be better than the trailer promises? Here's hoping.

The film will release on May 19.