1,127 readers reveal why they choose to buy designer lawn

So campaigns shot abroad don't really influence what particular lawn you'll purchase — shocker!
Updated 28 Mar, 2017 01:17pm

If you’re a shopaholic red-blooded Pakistani woman, there’s a good chance that you've currently got lawn fever.

Oh come on, no need to be ashamed if you're a lawn-lovin’ woman.

While we too enjoy our fair share of lawn retail therapy, flipping through some of this year's catalogues we have lying around our office got us wondering: why are we so obsessed with buying designer lawn anyway?

What is it about this fabric that makes women lose all rational thinking and stampede through stores to get their hands on the latest coveted designs?

We ran an online survey in hopes of shedding some light on our lawn purchasing habits. We asked, you answered; here's what we found out:

1) Turns out that the most important thing to shoppers is good design above all.

Majority of the readers  (41.9%) stated that design influences which particular lawn they buy
Majority of the readers (41.9%) stated that design influences which particular lawn they buy

2) A clear indication that times have changed: only 1.4% of you said you get your lawn from exhibitions!

Who remembers the infamous lawn exhibits being all the rage in town?

3) Also interesting to note is that people said their primary source of info about the latest lawn around is Instagram!

4) But that's not where you get all your design ideas from.

5) Fun fact: it seems like campaigns shot abroad don't influence your decision to buy that particular lawn. At least that's what 69.8% of you said.

Someone should really inform all these big brands splurging on destination shoots!

6) Neither does lawn modelled by celebrities; 59.9% said it didn't matter!

7) 68.8% of people who took the survey said they weren't willing to spend more than Rs2,500-4,000 on a three-piece luxury lawn suit.

Phew, pleased to know sanity prevails.

8) However, most of you guys (29.8% of y'all!) claim to buy over 5 outfits every lawn season!