7 times Darren Sammy was the star of PSL

Updated Mar 07, 2017 11:02am

It's not a stretch to say that Darren Sammy was the superstar of PSL 2017.

The captain of the Peshawari Zalmis led his team to victory, but that isn't the only reason why he's racked up a huge following.

Here are some of his most endearing PSL moments, which prove that Sammy knows not only how to win at cricket, but also fans' hearts.

1) When he tried speaking Urdu

2) When he posed for this adorable photo with Afridi's daughters

3) When he remembered Boom Boom's birthday

Happy Birthday to the one and only @safridiofficial aka Lala BoomBoom..

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4) When he stopped for a selfie with a fan... on the cricket field (never mind that it was the last ball!)

5) When he made this superhero catch and celebrated with a team selfie

6) When he made this bet for his team ('everybody gonna shave their head')

7) When he shared his selfie secrets with the ground staff

Say it with us. Sammy's awesome!