The Oscars announced the wrong Best Picture and Twitter is losing it

The Oscars announced the wrong Best Picture and Twitter is losing it

La La Land was announced as the winner when it was actually Moonlight
27 Feb, 2017

The Oscars are Hollywood's biggest night and you'd think everything is planned to a tee.

But today, we learned there's always room for error.

In what has to be one of the most awkward moments in Oscar history, presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway initially announced that the romantic musical "La La Land" had won. As the casts of both films stood awkwardly on stage, Beatty explained he had been given the wrong envelope to open. “I want to tell you what happened. I opened the envelope and it said, “Emma Stone, ‘La La Land.’”

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Twitter seems to be having a field day with the mix-up.

Poetic injustice?

It wasn't Warren Beatty's fault.

But then who is?

It was all a conspiracy!

Wait, no spoilers!

Real-time summary of what happened:

Yeah, Emma Stone is chill.

It was a legendary moment at the Oscars... for all the wrong reasons

But it is teaching lessons.

And inspiring some wishful thinking.

Talk about throwback!

Warren Beatty won't be alone.

In fact, the Oscars have major support!

But here's us:


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ss Feb 27, 2017 10:20pm
Sad to see the Oscars capitulate to political correctness so abjectly. Henceforth, only films with African Americans or muslims will win at the Oscars. Sad, truly sad.
Saad razzaq Feb 27, 2017 10:45pm
No big deal. Mistakes happen. We are all humans end of the day. We need to place greater emphasis on zero error when people lives is at stake e.g. flights, trains, elevators, etc . Bloopers at beauty contest or entertainment awards does not bother me much
Abbas Khan Feb 28, 2017 01:16am
It was just hilarious to watch this blunder in the end but I must say they handled the situation very well. Kudos to La La Land producer Jordon Horowitz and Host Jimmy kimmel.