Burberry accidentally congratulated Riz Ahmed for Dev Patel's BAFTA Award

Burberry accidentally congratulated Riz Ahmed for Dev Patel's BAFTA Award

All hell broke loose on Twitter as people couldn't handle the slip.
14 Feb, 2017

It's happened too many times.

It happened last year when beauty website Total Beauty mistook Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah, it happened with Priyanka Chopra who was mistaken for Indian actor Yukta Mookhey by networking channel ABC, and now, the latest one to join the list is Dev Patel.

The British-Indian actor, who won the best supporting actor award at BAFTA for his acclaimed film Lion, garnered praise from fans all over. Unfortunately, one designer label, Burberry, couldn't match Dev's name to his face.

Burberry congratulated the actor but tweeted it with a photo of British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed:

Of course, all hell broke loose on Twitter soon after. People just couldn't handle the slip:

It didn't take long for the tweets to grab the brand's attention and they apologised to the two actors and issued a statement online.

"We have apologised directly to Dev and Riz for the mistake. We are incredibly sorry, it should not have happened. We are checking processes to ensure it doesn’t happen again."


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deepak Feb 14, 2017 06:19pm
Proud on dev patel....keep it up.......
Shiva Feb 14, 2017 06:33pm
Notwithstanding the Indian origin actors accumulating awards and praises at least the Pakistanis can get some mistaken praises out of such incidents. Poor chaps!
Arsalan MUNEER Feb 14, 2017 07:19pm
They do look the same, to me, who is a brown Asian south Asian male, and no it does not make me resort to self promoting pretentious outpourings on twitter
Ahmed Feb 15, 2017 12:14am
Proud on Riz Ahmed, Keep it up boss!
Tissot Feb 15, 2017 01:33am
@Shiva oo boohoo.... please get all the praises and awards. Atleast the pakistani actors have talent.
dabangg Feb 15, 2017 02:25am
This is an honest mistake. They do look similar.
MOhamed Feb 15, 2017 03:31am
@Ahmed Yes Riz acted very well in Lion movie - didn't he
Saira kalim mirza Feb 15, 2017 05:29am
@Shiva in USA we tell all we are Indians. We have big heart
Saira kalim mirza Feb 15, 2017 05:34am
@Ahmed copy cat
Kau Feb 15, 2017 06:05am
We all Indians look alike it appears
Talha Feb 15, 2017 07:16am
@Shiva With all that negativity you can also keep all the awards you want. Maybe that will help your condition. Great performance by Riz Ahmed in The Night Of! Keep it up both Riz and Dev. Looking forward to more mainstream performances from Riz Ahmed.
fairy Feb 15, 2017 09:26am
@Shiva Congrats to Dev patel for the award. But Riz is More GOOD LOOKING. ;-)
Qamar Rathore Feb 15, 2017 10:38am
@Shiva his British from Rayners Lane in London,....
kerala Feb 15, 2017 10:50am
@Ahmed seriously for what!
MAK Feb 15, 2017 07:56pm
@Shiva Burburry throught it must be very good looking person so they highlighted Riz,