Updated 28 Dec, 2016

Remember when we found out Arshad Khan has been cast in a film titled Kabeer (total surprise)? Well, we've got more deets about the project.

The internet sensation will not be the only one making his debut in the upcoming film. It turns out that he will be seen alongside singer Nouman Javed in the 2017 release.

Images got in touch with the 'Dard e Tanhai' singer, who is now only waiting for the contract to make things official.

"My character is the villain of the film. The story is about a man from humble beginnings who takes on a life of crime and his transition from good to bad [and back again] to good."

Kabeer will release in 2017
Kabeer will release in 2017

"Arshad Khan (Chaiwala) is also a part of the film and he is playing my younger brother," he says. "The main leads are Meesam Ali and Rachel Khan, who are also the producers of the film. We haven't started filming yet but we're hoping to have this film ready by Eid next year."

Nouman adds he didn't need to do anything to get the role, instead he was 'discovered.' "I don't approach people for anything. The producer, Meesam Ali, got in touch with me when he saw the shoots I did for Munib Nawaz and Toni & Guy."


Known for his music direction and compositions for films such as Yamla Pagla Deewana and Mahesh Bhatt's Jashann, we were curious as to what lies ahead for Nouman and his music career.

"I will continue with my singing career," says Nouman. "I'll always have my music career as long as I can compose and sing. But I guess if I see I can't bring anything great then I'll stop."

Although Nouman Javed will be acting in Kabeer, he hinted that he "might sing a song in it" as well. Sahir Ali Bagga has been brought on board for the music and Asrar has sung one track for the film.


Luqman hafeez Dec 28, 2016 05:49pm
What's happening guys? Singers are acting, actors are hosting, hosts becoming politicians, politicians becoming hosts. Ye chal kya raha hae yaar? :-/
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S. A. M. Dec 29, 2016 07:33am
@Luqman hafeez haha that was a good one buddy
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hammad Dec 29, 2016 09:48am
Here comes another flop movie.
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Aamer Dec 29, 2016 04:05pm
@Luqman hafeez so what, Noor Jahan was a great singer and a great actress of her time. Salama Aga, Arifa Sidiqui and Iram Hassan also acted and sang. Amitab Bachan was a actor who later on jumped into politics. If you have talent no big deal.
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