New beginnings: Singer Nouman Javaid to tie the knot with actor Jana Malik

Published 02 Sep, 2016 03:03pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The new couple tell us about their first meet and future plans

Nouman Javaid's year began on a bad note, but things appear to be looking up for the singer.

In March, after a bad patch in his marriage with singer Fariha Pervez, Nouman was reported to have attempted suicide. Four months later, he is lucky to have found love again, and is now set to get married to Mor Mahal actor Jana Malik.

The couple is to sign their nikkah (marriage contract) in an intimate ceremony today.

Nouman and Jana speak to Images about their first meet and future plans.

Nouman: We met on 12 August and went to see a film on our first ever meeting.

Jana: Well, it's really very strange, we're almost from the same fraternity but we hadn't ever really met. We were friends, I knew of him. We met for the first time on 12 Aug this year. It was great because it was for a movie - and first day, first show tickets were hard to get by, but he managed to get them, and was really excited about it.

Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik on their date.- Facebook
Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik on their date.- Facebook

It didn't take long after that for the couple to realise they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The relationship moved fast and Nouman went down on one knee just a couple of weeks later.

Nouman: I proposed to her on 26 August. It was very sweet and romantic. What clicked were her kind eyes, her honesty, her faithfulness, her loyalty and her devotion. She is amazing and a God send.

Jana: I won't say it was a complete surprise because by the time he proposed to me I really liked him, really really liked him, but there was this thing where you're not sure whether he likes you that much, or that way. There were doubts, I was still in the friend-zone technically. So when he did [propose], it was very sweet, very romantic, it was beautiful and it was perfect. He gets me. and I get him and there is this instant understanding between us. You know coming home from a long day you have this relief? That's the relief I felt when I met him. I was like this person is perfect.

While Nouman will continue his musical career, he is adamant that Jana will also continue acting.

Nouman: Yes, she can continue with her acting career because in a marriage you have to let your spouse feel free and pursue their dreams. One should support them. She has my support for anything and everything.

However, Jana feels that if Nouman wants her to put a halt to her career, she will happily comply.

Jana: It depends on him. he is my first and foremost priority. He is the most important person in the world for me, so anything he doesn't want me to do, I wouldn't think about it twice. We're very clear about our future, we're very clear about our goals, and we want to work and we want to do it together, but if he ever says that I can't do something, I will refuse it.

I hope Nouman continues with his career. He's very talented, he's a brilliant songwriter, he's a brilliant poet, he's a brilliant composer, he makes lovely melodies and he's a good singer too, so why not?

Nouman performing on stage. - Facebook
Nouman performing on stage. - Facebook

They're both also excited about working together.

Nouman: We [plan to] appear in almost everything together, dramas, films, whatever it is.

Jana: It would be fun if we do a show or something together; it would be fun if there's a great story.

While Nouman plans to work towards his family life, Jana is hopeful that everything will be for the better.

Nouman: My upcoming project [is] to have a family and live a happy life with my wife and do everything together. My life changed because it had to for the better. Allah had better plans for me and I can't be more grateful for His blessing, Jana. Every trauma, every bad memory and moment has washed away in Jana's radiant rain.

Jana: I personally never plan for the future, I take each day as it comes, I really do believe in that saying, 'you have plans and God has plans and your plans don't matter'. However, I'm very happy and excited about the future. I am lucky, I am blessed I get to spend the rest of my life with someone who is kind, generous, honest, good looking. I am very blessed to call such a person my life partner and what more could one ask for? Life has changed for the better. And hopefully it'll be better in the future.