I don't plan on doing silly things for the sake of ratings, says Shaista Lodhi

Published 27 Dec, 2016 05:28pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The popular morning show host will be back on TV soon!

Shaista Lodhi will have a new morning show
Shaista Lodhi will have a new morning show

Popular morning show host Shaista Lodhi will soon make her comeback on TV, and she insists that she'll do things her way.

"I'm not going to claim 'What I will do is going to be completely different' or 'I will do something new and never thought of'. Obviously we can't always have something new, especially if you're doing a show fives times a week. It's more about how we do the show. Morning shows depend on the personality of the host. At least that's what I think," she said to Images.

Shaista thinks what sets her apart is the respect she shows to the guests on her show.

She says, "There is one difference that people have noticed and pointed out to me is that the celebrities feel more comfortable with me. I don't pry into their personal matters, which is very common on our talk shows. I only go as far as the person in front of me is comfortable. "

It has become a topic of conversation that morning shows have really changed for the worse in terms of content and treatment. Shaista hopes to change that.

She claims, "I don't plan on doing silly things for the sake of ratings. I find it very demeaning when a big artist is in front of you and you're playing ridiculous games like 'finish this apple in three bites.' I do hope my treatment can give morning shows a better image because it has gone down recently with silly shenanigans. Hopefully my approach will be better."

Shaista's new show will run from 9am to 11am. While she hasn't disclosed the TV channel on which it will be aired, she's hinted that it's "a channel I have already worked for". Fans will have to wait to find out more!