Urwa Hocane's engagement cparks new jokes about how she cpells her name

Published 06 Dec, 2016 04:11pm

Images Staff

Will cilly jokes about Urwa Hocane's name never ctop?

The jokes will never ctop!
The jokes will never ctop!

Don't lie to us! When it comes to Urwa Hocane, you've all been guilty of this:

And with Urwa's new music video and the news of her engagement to Farhan Saeed, fans (and haters) have found plenty of opportunity to unleash the puns on their minds.

For the longest time, Mawra and Urwa have been ridiculed for the way they spell their last name.

Let's have a look at what Twitter has to say about Urwa Hocane's cpelling.

On her debut cong:

On her future Coke Ctudio Ceccion:

On her propocal:

On her 'cweet cibling':

But she is being... 'reccued'?

On a 'cerious' note, someone give this guy a medal!