Ahsan Khan has a solution for the dearth of Pakistan films in cinemas.

He says short films may be the way to go at a time when film exhibitors need a greater number of films.

With his latest production Chashm-e-Num, a short film that is "an intriguing romance drama dedicated to the visually impaired", Ahsan Khan hopes to show the way forward.

"There is no trend for short films in Pakistan," Ahsan said to Images. "They rarely get a run in cinemas, even though this is common internationally. Major filmmakers around the world make short films. In Pakistan, even feature length films don't get a decent run in cinemas. So, I thought I should make short films and introduce the trend."

In Chashm-e-Num, two visually impaired people at different stages of their life meet and fall in love. But a web of lies awaits them.

The film stars Ahsan Khan, alongside Jasim Khan and Amar Khan. who is a filmmaking graduate from Beaconhouse National University and also the writer of the film. It features a song sung by Amanat Ali, whose track is "a sweet gesture for people who can't see."

Ahsan is selling the film to a TV channel, but says he also wants the film to run the film festival circuit.

"We should make lots of short films and hold festivals in Pakistani cinemas and sell tickets, run eight to 10 short films per day," he suggests, adding that he knows putting his money on this film was a risk but he thought it would be worth taking.

The film is expected to release in the first week of December in commemoration of Disability Day.