At a time when Indian films have been banned in Pakistan and cinema-owners are woeful of their profit margins, Shaan Shahid gives his two cents on the matter in hope of boosting morale.

The fiercely patriotic actor took to Facebook and emphasised that his focus has always been geared towards making the local entertainment industry better as opposed to boosting his own accomplishments.

"It's a proud moment for Pakistani films and I'm honoured to be a part of them. For me the only option ever was to bring Pakistani films out of its boundaries and show the world what immense talent and scripts we have in Pakistan so I always kept my focus on building Pakistani film industry rather than building my own career," Shaan wrote to his followers.

Shaan urges his fellow fans to step in and help to build the industry for future generations. At the same time he also took a jab at Pakistan's intellectual elite saying they weren't concerned with engaging with culture unless it suited their own ends: "Let all the intellectual elite of Pakistan come to the rescue of art and culture but I guess their art is hanging on their walls as paintings of Sadequain and narrated poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz they need to collectively support and promote Pakistani films if you don't agree with the films we make than make one. Come join us."

He closed his statement with a call for Pakistani filmmakers to create narratives countering the way Pakistan is viewed in the rest of the world by creating our own versions of superheroes and films like 'Zero Dark Thirty'.

Though many see his patriotism as a reaction to him not gaining foothold in India, Shaan has time and again called out artists for working across the border, stating that they should only work for the local industry.