03 Aug, 2016

'I'm a better musician!'

'No, I'm a better musician!'

A strange, puerile debate is taking place on the internet, and it sounds a little like the above.

Rockers Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal can't seem to agree to disagree about what's the best way to go about being a musician in Pakistan, and the result is a totally unnecessary series of videos on Facebook.

At last check, Ali Azmat had vowed to teach Jaswal a lesson, and Jaswal told him to bring it on. Ugh, so high school!

If you're curious, here's a breakdown of the online spar:

Ali Azmat basically started it all when he privately said that Jaswal is a cop-out for resorting to acting when music work was lean. The video got leaked. Oops.

Umair Jaswal got all cross and said Ali needs to "step into the future" and try to "become relevant again". Ooo, burn!

Ali Azmat then said releasing three songs doesn't make Jaswal a real musician, but he could always teach him a lesson about what does.

Umair Jaswal says 'OK, OK, bring it on then, grrrr'.

Of course, their friends also had to add their two cents.

Farhan Saeed was all like, 'Haww, why would Ali bhai say that?' Sad face...

And then Ahmed Ali Butt was like, 'Those guys should really get a room...'

Ahmed Ali Butt even brought up the fight at the LSAS (again, totally unneccessary):

Next time, guys — maybe stick to a Twitter fight?