03 Aug, 2016

'I'm a better musician!'

'No, I'm a better musician!'

A strange, puerile debate is taking place on the internet, and it sounds a little like the above.

Rockers Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal can't seem to agree to disagree about what's the best way to go about being a musician in Pakistan, and the result is a totally unnecessary series of videos on Facebook.

At last check, Ali Azmat had vowed to teach Jaswal a lesson, and Jaswal told him to bring it on. Ugh, so high school!

If you're curious, here's a breakdown of the online spar:

Ali Azmat basically started it all when he privately said that Jaswal is a cop-out for resorting to acting when music work was lean. The video got leaked. Oops.

Umair Jaswal got all cross and said Ali needs to "step into the future" and try to "become relevant again". Ooo, burn!

Ali Azmat then said releasing three songs doesn't make Jaswal a real musician, but he could always teach him a lesson about what does.

Umair Jaswal says 'OK, OK, bring it on then, grrrr'.

Of course, their friends also had to add their two cents.

Farhan Saeed was all like, 'Haww, why would Ali bhai say that?' Sad face...

And then Ahmed Ali Butt was like, 'Those guys should really get a room...'

Ahmed Ali Butt even brought up the fight at the LSAS (again, totally unneccessary):

Next time, guys — maybe stick to a Twitter fight?


Mir Aug 03, 2016 05:15pm
well...if not songs, lets bring Pakistani Music back in limelight through criticizing each other...ahh come on singers, bring back the glory!
white noise Aug 03, 2016 06:32pm
Ali Azmat is one of the people who brought Pakistan to music scene, Uzair needs to cool down and lay off them steroids, they are messing with his brain, in 20 years, we will talk about him, if he is still around!! ok?
Tariq Aug 03, 2016 07:47pm
Truth is Ali Azmat is a legend with tons of albums/songs to his credit. Umair Jaswal is a nobody in comparison.
Ali sufiyan Aug 03, 2016 08:53pm
Ali Azmat is a true musician. Jaswal needs to respect that. And I don't think Ali said anything wrong. He is absolutely right.
Maryam Aug 03, 2016 09:19pm
Farhan Saeed commented most logically and putting an end to it, although he was also referenced in the discussion when ali said: "1,2 gane bnaliye aik do dramon men acting ker li" and because I haven't seen jaswal in any dram though. So the best thing about comment was: " What Ali says He says, That's Ali Azmat for you!" and that's how that leaked video should have been viewed as one should already know the style of commenting Ali Azmat.
Salman Aug 03, 2016 09:53pm
Ali Azmat is a legend and juniors should give him due respect. What he said in a private conversation should not have been responded to in the first place by Uzair...pretty immature of him to say the least
Pakistani Aug 03, 2016 10:58pm
The best thing is to forgive and move on. So when Ali Azmat commented on Uzair Jaswal, UZ should have ignored it.
Asif Aug 03, 2016 11:13pm
Ali Azmat seems to have lost it; its time to go for a hair transplant.
Curious mind Aug 03, 2016 11:28pm
I like Umair jaswal he's a true talented young guy, but We can't compare Umair with Ali azmat, because there's no comparison. Ali had produced many super hits over the years, Umair has a lot to catch yet although he's very talented singer too.
Noman Ansari Aug 04, 2016 01:05am
Why is this Ahmed Ali Butt guy a thing? WHY?
Jimmyali Aug 04, 2016 01:27am
Who is uzair jaswal? Ali azmat is true rock star of Pakistan. And by the way uzair I am of same generation as you but still love ali.
adeel Aug 04, 2016 02:30am
I think there is no doubt that Ali Azmat is a way better singer than Mr Jaswal. We all criticise each others behind closed doors. Mr Jaswal should focus and improve his music instead of telling Ali Azmat about his age group, era or time. I bet Mr Jaswal cannot be a better singer than after singing for 2 more decades to come.
Salman Aug 04, 2016 03:10am
Ali Azmat is a class act !!
Sarwat Bukhari USA Aug 04, 2016 07:03am
Rockers Ali Azmat is lacking in knowledge and training; and unlearned, he is very ignorant when first time Late Qandeel Baluch went for Geo Music show for trail, you can see his face way he behave with his two co-women also treated similar.
Maestro Aug 04, 2016 08:20am
If these guys put to test in an Indian Music Academy, all will pass securing 33% marks. that's it.Must point out 33% is the minimum passing marks in Pakistan. Some guys got 32 marks in a subject ,the examiner give 1 more grace mark and pass the guy. As far as Ali Azmat is concerned I only felt someone shouting ,which I dislike to hear.
Pradeep D'Silva Aug 04, 2016 08:39am
Jaswal who? On the other hand Ali Azmat is an acclaimed artist/musician. Not the mention - junoon, once Asia's largest band.
Aftab Arain Aug 04, 2016 10:54am
Well... I think Umair Jaswal is still a new born baby in music industry where Ali Azmat is a legend... for Jaswal to become half as good as Ali... He'd still need 20 to 30 years... lets see where we find Umair Jaswal in the next 20 to 30 years? Umair needs to understand that Junoon and Ali Azmat were/are the Godfather of Pakistani Rock Industry... where Umair Jaswal just screwed Sammi Meri Waar like a 6 years old boy shouting for a toy... QB nailed the song and made it sound so better... Sammi meri waar could've been much better without Umair Jaswal :) Umair's brother sung a very nice song though... but Umair.. you need to spend less time doing gym and more on learning how to make music :) Good luck and finish this war by apologizing the legend!!
Apache Aug 04, 2016 11:09am
Ali Azmat is a true rockstar... Umair jaswal is nothing as compared to him. If a senior is correcting you then you should learn from it and respect him. Uzair thinks he knows all but he knows nothing about rock music
Hasan Aug 04, 2016 11:15am
Jaswal make peace with Ali azmat. In fact who is Jaswal?
Minnie Khan Aug 04, 2016 12:41pm
Hahahahaha I'm no fan of Ahmed Ali Butt but this was hilarious XD
Egoist Aug 04, 2016 01:13pm
Ali Azmat is a legend who has lived long enough to be a villain now. Jaswal is a budding talent. Both of them should get into coke studio and record their best songs. Audience should review and vote to decide who is the reigning champion of Pakistani music.
sz Aug 05, 2016 01:43am
Ali Azmat has left a legacy and even today hes wayyyy more relevant than this jaswal guy. I would still listen to his music than jaswals, making him still more 'relevant' than him. Plus Junoon's music is timeless; a pure class act. Jaswal should apologize and get off his high horse. and get some singing classes instead. He ruined the entire coke studio song . If it wasn't for QB's vocals, it would have been a complete disaster.
Demonik Aug 05, 2016 05:53pm
This is not even a debate... one thing i wanna clarify is that there is no competition in music, its not arm wrestling or kabbaddi to make one win and the other lose... What Butt saab said was right and there was no need to respond to it for umair should know that he used his music thingee as a stepping stone to get into acting and on the contrary Ali is still doing his thing which indeed is a credit and chivalry... I dont see a point in this thing going any further... Butt saab is a senior and a great musician of pakistan that we grew up listening to. Umair should look twice at his musical career before pulling this bring it on stunt... There hardly is any music scene here and that what we have, is being wasted in these unneeded quarrels.... My vote's Ali Azmat by all means but this is no competition i tell ya again...
hammad Aug 05, 2016 06:02pm
Both Jaswal brothers are irritating to the highest. Ali Azmat is king of the ring and a legend. What Ali said I totally agree with him. I hope UJ is going through all the comments posted here in support of Ali Azmat.
Masood Hussain Aug 07, 2016 02:24am
I have'not listened classical music for very long time T.V channels are of no help.
Sam Aug 08, 2016 05:23pm
Why do Pakistanis forget Ahmed Rushdi, Alamgir, Muhammad Ali Shehki and A Nayyar when they discuss music? they never behaved like this, IMO they were real artist and gentlemen. Never fought over royalties and commission it's sad. True artist doesnt ask for recognition.
Khan Aug 08, 2016 06:02pm
Kids today don't know how to react to honest criticism.
Saad Aug 09, 2016 03:05am
Who us Umair Jasaal
Abdullah Qureshi Aug 09, 2016 11:25am
How can Jaswal 'bring it on' something (I mean music here) when he totally used it as a toilet paper to step into acting and tv. He was never a true musician. A drameybaaz who eventually ended up in dramas. All the respect goes out to Mr. Ali who's no match for this Jaali Jaswal Brother. Jaswal you continue like this with your low class cheapness and you will end no where! I'd tell you brother. You say things which you hear from other people. You lack voice of your own!
timmyali Aug 09, 2016 04:04pm
I am big fun of Umair Jaswal. Lets give some credit for his latest video which he posted in response to Ali Azmat. At least he spoke his own words rather than Sammi mahi wal which was not written by him.