22 Jul, 2016

Are you a family of Hrithik Roshan fans? It's possible that you may be able to gift his mini-sized likeness to your kids in the future.

According to PinkVilla, a popular toy company is interested in releasing a line of toys based on the Bollywood actor's most memorable on-screen characters.

“Hrithik has a huge kiddie fan following. He struck a special chord with them after the release of Koi Mil Gaya. Kids love seeing him jumping from cliffs, beating up the villains, and dancing. So a leading Indian toy company having done their homework, approached Hrithik to ink a deal with him to release dolls of his popular characters. All the dolls will be priced in the same range to make them affordable to kids,” reveals a source.

What does the star himself think of the idea? The upcoming Moenjodaro lead is all for it!

“I am a big fan of action heroes and superhero collectibles myself. So, if this works out, it will be very interesting,” says Hrithik.