This South Indian film may be shot in Pakistan

This South Indian film may be shot in Pakistan

Titled Karachi 81, the spy film is planned to be shot largely in Pakistan
Updated 22 Jun, 2016

A South Indian spy film with the title Karachi 81, and one that will partially be shot in Pakistan? We're already thinking of all the barriers the filmmakers will face.

Times of India reported that K. S. Bava , director of hit Malayalam comedy Idiots (not to be confused with 3 Idiots), is planning to shoot the majority of his film in Pakistan.

"We are thinking about Pakistan as a main location, but are yet to start with the process for the same. The film is in its initial stages," said the director.

Reportedly, the film is being made on a big budget and will also be shot in locations such as Rajastan, Kochi and Moscow.

The film is scheduled to start shooting in September.