#ISupportHamzaAliAbbasi: Twitter is furious about PEMRA's ban on the Ramazan host

Updated 18 Jun, 2016 06:20pm

Images Staff

"We ban citizens for questions!" said one aghast Twitter user

PEMRA went on a banning bout yesterday, as it clamped down on both Hamza Ali Abbasi - who spoke up for Ahmedi rights in Pakistan - and TV show host Shabbir Abu Talib for inciting violence against Abbasi on his TV show.

Many on Twitter disagreed with PEMRA's decision, and said so.

People thought the ban is just plain wrong:

Some showed concern about the death threats to Hamza:

Many wanted to call out the same treatment of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shabbir Abu Talib:

Many just wondered how Hamza got banned but other controversial hosts are still on air.

As far Hamza, he's sticking to his earlier argument: