From ‘party animal’ to crying at the sight of his first born, Ali Azmat bares all

Published 14 Jun, 2016 01:35pm

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Psst, he’s still not over Soul to Soul. Honestly, we don’t think anyone is.

He's a rock-star for sure!
He's a rock-star for sure!

He’s still healing after Salman Ahmad’s Soul to Soul debacle (as are we), his dream is to jam with his daughters one day and his unwavering friendship with Rahat Ali Khan is giving us major BFF goals.

Ali Azmat’s interview with BBC Urdu reveals how the singer ventured into music, got married and shed his ‘party animal’ image.

"Mujhay acha laga (I liked it), but I still need time to get over it," he said jokingly of his ex-Junoon partner, Salman Ahmad's single.

While the duo might not be on the best of terms, this rebel singer shares a deep friendship with qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who he worked alongside in film Hijrat. He also disclosed that he was close to qawwal legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his father Farrukh sahab.

"They would treat me like a kid, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab and his father Farrukh sahab. I had a lot of love for them yet I was extremely mischievous with Khan sahab. That worried Rahat, because of course he was a lot younger and Khan sahab was a lot older, so he [Rahat] would give him a lot of respect. There was a mutual feeling of respect between them," said Ali.

But after the passing of the two, Ali divulges that Rahat was lost. "There was a period when Rahat was lost after the passing of the two, about where he is standing, leaving the legacy of qawwali on his shoulders, Now he is one of the biggest artists in Pakistan."

However, Rahat is not the only one who managed to make a name for himself, Ali Azmat has achieved countless accolades for his works, and he attributes it to his experiences in life, especially the birth of his first born, Ella.

"My experiences have changed me. From a 29-inch waist, instead of growing taller, I grew in waist size [laughs]. But the most change a person changes is when they have a child. I can't explain the overwhelming love I experienced when my daughters were born. When Ella was born I cried hard, I have never cried this hard before," said the singer.

"I was famous for being a party animal, I was always rebellious, now we get so much love and attention [from our children] that we can’t help but change," shared Ali.

And what are his dreams for his kids now?

"I want my daughters to learn the piano and violin and I want to jam with them, that’s my dream. They’re both interested in music, especially the little one," he said.

A mini Ali Azmat in the making? Can hardly wait!

Ali Azmat is all set to star in upcoming film Two + Two alongside Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf. The singer will play the role of a corrupt policeman.