Fawad Khan, of the upcoming film Gardaab, reveals about the plot and his experience

"It's a very, very loose adaptation of Romeo and Juliet".

"The story is interesting because it depicts the effects of violence on the children who grow up within it." says the Teri Meri Jori actor.

"Harune has written the script but he is also directing it." he says. "He's a very nice guy. The whole team was amazing. I've worked with this team on another film Jeewan Haathi and they are overall just great. I had seen some of their work before hand and that made me wanna join. I even enjoyed giving the audition!" He adds about Harune Massey

Harune Massey isn’t the only one Fawad is all praises for; the Dastango founder discloses he had a blast working alongside model and actress Amna Ilyas.

"Amna was very supportive. I really enjoyed working with her. If I ever get the opportunity to work with her again I will definitely do so. The way she would support me and work with me made me really happy to be working on this project." Says Fawad.

And though many projects face technical issues and time delays, Fawad found his team to be extremely organised. "In fact, the whole team took care of me. Usually there are so many issues in any project revolving around technicalities, be it payment issues or mismanaged shoots. These guys were very very organized." He adds.

"The only problem I had was the heat." He jokes. "My costumes were very thick and working in the heat was exhausting. But if that's the worst part, you can imagine how good the experience was."

Director of the upcoming film, Harune Massey explains what he has in store for the audience, "I started to develop the script along with my co-writer, Saleem Nasir. We wanted to draw an intimate portrait of the city with human fragility at its core. Unlike the conventional film endings that often manipulate the tragedy of places like Karachi to let the viewer leave the cinema on a buoyant note, our ending allows the viewer to gain a deeper and more realistic understanding of the film's setting."

According to him, "Gardaab was originally conceived as a short film, however, the enormity of our subject matter persuaded Mazhar Zaidi, the producer, and myself to turn this into a feature length romantic thriller."