I am not desperate to go to India: Qandeel Baloch

I am not desperate to go to India: Qandeel Baloch

The 'social media sensation' is happy where she is but wants to help struggling artists
06 Jun, 2016

Think Qandeel really wants to get on Bigg Boss? You're wrong! Qandeel Baloch is quite content with her life and career.

The social media star made an appearance at The Late Late Show With Ali Saleem and revealed that not only has she gotten offers from Bollywood but she has turned them down because she is quite content being a social media star.

"I've gotten quite a lot of offers from Bollywood, but right now in this condition I don't think I can go right now," says Qandeel.

"I'm not desperate! I have no interest that I go to India or go to Hollywood or Bollywood. I'm not interested. I am a social media sensation. This is what I like," she adds.

While she seems content. Qandeel actually does have a plan for the future. "I want to create a platform for those people who want to come to this field. These people will face hurdles and problems that don't allow them to show their talent. So I want to make a platform that they can easily access and then at least they won't be a victim of these problems. You just wait and watch!"