Is Vidya Balan going to work in Pakistani cinema?

Is Vidya Balan going to work in Pakistani cinema?

If the script is worth it, she just might!
04 Jun, 2016

We already knew Vidya Balan loves Pakistani dramas but who knew she was getting offers for Pakistani films?

The National Award-winning actor recently revealed that she has been approached by Pakistani producers: "I have lately got a couple of offers. It really depends on the script. I’ve seen the Pakistani film Bol and I loved it. I haven’t watched Khamosh Pani yet but I know it’s a very good film. I’m open to work anywhere in the world.”

The upcoming TE3N's lead is yet to receive any scripts but is open to discussion. "I've not yet had the meeting with them. I've got a couple of calls. They want to come and narrate the story."

Balan, who has wrapped shooting for Kahaani 2, has already professed her love for dramas like Kankar, Mere Harjai and Ek Mohabbat ke baad.

"Lately, I've been watching Zindagi channel and I love the content. It's lovely," she said.

She's currently shooting Partition drama Begum Jaan.


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Atif Jun 04, 2016 06:17pm
She's a lovely actress and it will be fun watching her in Pakistani films.
Dilip Thorat Jun 04, 2016 06:21pm
Very fine & talented actress.
waleed KARACHI Jun 04, 2016 09:11pm
pakistani films are not really realistic like waar which has american accent though out the film not depicting pakistan.
Shamoon Ahmad Jun 04, 2016 09:15pm
Most talented actor since Madhubala of early fifties.
Iamnotjoking Jun 04, 2016 10:57pm
Ma'am you are more than welcome in Pakistan.
Gawal Mandi Ya Jun 04, 2016 11:43pm
Our film industry has many brilliant minds, but lack the support and money.
someone Jun 05, 2016 04:59am
Why not??? Provided Pakistanis can afford it.
R. Jaiprakash Jun 05, 2016 03:07pm
One of the best talented actresses...yes she should act in pak film