Because pakoray, right people?
Because pakoray, right people?

Okay, enough with the fancy shmancy fine dining restaurants! We all know that some of the best food in Pakistan is its street food. From shawarma to paan, we have an amazing variety of goodies that you can get on the go!

Here's our top picks from the many fantastic photos of 'Street Foods' submitted to us on Instagram through our #DawnWeeklyProject:

1. Shawarma is a little piece of heaven.

2. You love the paratha culture? Go for some pizza paratha for that desi goodness!

3. Take a break from your shopping and grab some sweet and spicy dahi bhallay

4. How about a glass of creamy and delicious lassi to beat the heat?

5. Sometimes, all you really need is grilled corn on the cob

6. Don't wanna ruin your health goals? Then sugarcane juice is a must!

7. Pakoray... we salute you

8. Have an epic brekkie with good ol puri!

9. Grab a Kulfi from those stands! Don't forget the coconut spinkles!

10. What is evening chai without them freshly fried patties

11. Want something heavy duty? Better have the anday wala bun kebab

12. Treat yourself to a gola ganda in this heat!

13. Have that doodh jalebi for pre-dessert. You earned it, you know you did!

14. Conclude your happy food spree with paan

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