What's it like to be a celebrity? And what does it take to get there?

Who better than Mawra Hocane to weigh in on fame and good fortune, as the Sanam Teri Kasam star continues to enjoy the fruits of her successful Bollywood debut.

Here's a list of 11 of Mawra's best quotes on the matter:

1) That time she said her craft is more important than fame

“I worked hard,” she said to Filmfare. Ask her what made her come all the way to India to pursue her acting dreams and she says, “It’s the same reason why Priyanka Chopra went from here to Hollywood - to grow as an actor."

She echoed that same thought on Twitter later:

2) When she reminded us any job worth doing is worth doing well

3) The time she made it clear that she's not into being famous for fame's sake

"You know, after Sanam Teri Kasam, everyone's really interested in my next film, but talking about a project before its finalized doesn't feel right to me. I'd rather come out with a project than a piece of news," she said to Images.

4) When she said it takes a mix of passion and perseverance to get where she is today

5) When she acknowledged that being famous is a group effort

6) The time she insisted she enjoys being a celebrity, even at the supermarket

7) That time she admitted that it's her fans that got her here

8) When she admitted that narcissism is an occupational hazard of the job

"[My ideal man] shouldn't be more narcissistic than I am. He can be full of himself but not more than me," she said to Bollywood Hungama.

9) When she openly said becoming famous is harnessing your strengths, whatever they may be

Her biggest professional asset? Her tears.

"Its because of my crying that I actually get work," she also said.

10) The time she admitted that it can all get a little overwhelming