Do we not want him here? You know it to be true!
Do we not want him here? You know it to be true!

Vigilante archer Oliver Queen has many fans in Pakistan, and he knows it.

Stephen Amell, famous for his role in the hit series Arrow, recorded a short video to thank his Pakistani fans for the love they give him. Okay ladies, control yourself!

Amell made this recording for Fatimah Hussain, one half of the duo DeeFee Productions, a small studio house in Lahore which makes stop motion videos. Hussain ran into Amell last year and, upon showing him a portrait of the actor made in tea, converted him into a fan.

Fast forward a year later, and Hussain met the Arrow star again, which is when he recorded a video for his Pakistani fans.

"I would like to say hello to all of my fans in Pakistan. I've yet to be able to make it there. But I've looked at my metrics on Facebook and I know how passionate you are and I appreciate it and hopefully I get to get there soon," says Amell in the video.

We can guarantee Amell that there will be a swarm at the airport to welcome him when he does!