Is Om Puri starring in another film with a Pakistani connection?

Is Om Puri starring in another film with a Pakistani connection?

In addition to Nabeel Qureshi's Actor In Law, Om Puri is also acting in a film about a Pakistani-Indian friendship
12 May, 2016

Om Puri's first performance in a Pakistani film - that is, Na Maloom Afraad director Nabeel Qureshi's next venture, Actor In Law - is highly anticipated, and he just might be shooting another film with a Pakistani connection.

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Puri was recently injured on the sets of this other film, when he slipped and hurt his elbow during a running shot, reports

The film, which is currently being shot in Bhopal, is about a cross-border friendship, Puri shared with the press.

"It is a film based in India, Pakistan and London. The producer-director is from Dubai. It is about the relationship of two friends -- a Pakistani and an Indian. It is a pleasant kind of story, a very nice, warm story."

However, Puri did not reveal the title of the film, causing the press to speculate whether he was only talking about Actor In Law.

Both director Nabeel and producer Fiza Ali Meerza have kept mum about the subject matter of their film, so it's difficult to say whether this could be true.

However, lead actor Mehwish Hayat called the film "a social comedy" and said "it has emotions, love and plenty of surprises." And Puri revealed that the film's title is a give-away: the film explores the idea that actors have some things in common with lawyers.

Puri has previously played several Pakistani characters, from the iconic role of George Khan in British dramedies East is East and West is West to President Zia-ul-Haq in Charlie Wilson's War.

He has been a proponent of Pak-India cultural collaborations and is a regular fixture on the film and literary festival circuit in Pakistan.

The actor is at present recovering from his injury. His Pakistani debut film Actor In Law will be out on Eid ul Azha.