The Met Gala is always met (see what we did there?) with mixed reviews.

This year's Gala, held in New York City and themed Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology, served up some serious glamour but also plenty of fashion fails.

One good thing that came out of the Met Gala was the abundance of memes that cropped up — and one of the more hilarious takes on red carpet style came from Instagrammer João Paulo.

The Brazilian advertising student's Instagram account has gone viral as he uses various household items to recreate celebrity red carpet style — on himself. Talk about DIY!

Let's have a look at these amazing fashion ideas, first, from this year's Met Gala.

His take on Taylor Swift's futuristic look requires just some foil

Kate Hudson's ensemble might have taken him some more time

Nicki Minaj's getup can be easily recreated with large garbage bags

Strategic cuts can be mastered for model Karlie Kloss' dress

This isn't new for João; he's recreated celebrity looks in the past also, and to great effect:

Can anyone tell the difference between him and Katy Perry?

Great use of fabric for a Lady Gaga look

He even gets his expressions right! He looks just as fierce as Gigi Hadid in this one!

He has a good eye for detail when designing Britney's dress

He even gets the jewelry down for Rihanna!

Here's hoping he's invited to the Met Gala next year!