It's the only way I can spread the message of strength: Muniba Mazari on her 'pain-tings'

Published 20 Apr, 2016 09:45am

The activist says it's hard to be a paraplegic and not easy to paint with a free mind when one is wheelchair-bound

LAHORE: An exhibition of paintings by Muniba Mazari, a motivational speaker and the UN’s first woman goodwill ambassador to Pakistan, opened at Collector’s Art Gallery, Alhamra Cultural Complex, on Tuesday.

Several well-known artists attended the opening of the exhibition having 28 works on display and it will continue till April 24. Saeed Akhtar was all praise for Ms Mazari’s work as was Muhammad Shafiq.

About her endeavour, Ms Mazari says: “It is hard to be a paraplegic and not easy to paint with a free mind when you are wheelchair-bound. Yet I know it is the only way through which I can spread message of strength and courage. So I forget my pain and paint for myself and paint for people as I believe in spreading the message of never give up.”

Ms Mazari is wheelchair-bound after a car accident at the age of 21. She is also a singer and an activist.

The artist aims to give her clients the best of her artistic abilities. She believes in playing with vibrant colours and flawless portrayal of true emotions. Her work speaks volumes for people’s expressions, dreams and aspirations.

Currently, she is running her brand by the name of ‘Muniba’s Canvas’ with the slogan ‘Let your walls wear colors’. She is a mix media artist and believes in depicting the ethnic jewels of her region in an abstract way. Some of her work is purely abstract which depicts the human expressions, their thoughts and dreams.

Originally published in Dawn, April 20th, 2016