She's known mostly for her vocals at present but all that may change with Sara Haider's film debut.

The singer and stage actress is getting filmi in Shahbaz Sumar's Khaemae Mein Matt Jhankain, which will be screened as part of Zee Zindagi's Zeal For Unity initiative in India. Zeal For Unity is an initiative that sees six Pakistani film directors introduce hour-long works to an Indian audience.

"This story addresses beauty and glamour and superficiality in a very direct way. It talks about how different the world is to what we perceive, it tells us that we are all villagers in a circus designed to please and deceive us," says Haider of the venture.

"I wrote a song for one of Shahbaz's ad campaigns a few years ago, so we've been wanting to work together for a while. And then he came to a theatre play I acted in... he called me for the movie and I said yes," continues Haider.

She'll also perform the film's title track 'Haan Mein Hoon', which she's worked on with producer Omran Shafique and Ahsan Bari.

Expanding on her role, Sara says: "I play Manjo, a trapeze artist. This was my first time acting for a camera so it was nerve wracking and very intense."

"I love acting," she continues. "I've worked hard to be a singer but acting comes more naturally, especially with a director like Shabaz. He showed me how this film is different and exciting and it's a new concept. Loving the script and having an amazing director and team made this possible."

For his part, Shahbaz says Khaemae Mein Matt Jhankain is a film about a quiet village cut of from civilization that stirs when a circus comes to town, and promises that Sara is "fantastic" in her debut role.

"I wouldn't have been able to do this well if it weren't for [the fim's team] Shahbaz and Tania, Waqas, Ameera, Faiz, and Mo," adds Sara. "The circus was an actual circus, I spent time with a trapeze artist and her family who were all a part of the circus, the village was real."

We can't wait to see the singer in her new avatar!