Could Ryan Reynolds be Priyanka Chopra's next co-star?

Could Ryan Reynolds be Priyanka Chopra's next co-star?

Reynolds thinks Priyanka is "charming, funny, and smart" -- is there anyone she hasn't impressed?!
04 Feb, 2016

Ever since Priyanka Chopra has cemented her place in Hollywood with Quantico, her colleagues from the fraternity have had nothing but good things to say about her.

And now, she can add Ryan Reynolds to her growing list of admirers, who has jumped onto the bandwagon, without even having watched the show.

In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, the Deadpool star stated, "I have not seen Quantico but I've seen her interviews and she is charming, funny, and smart. She's got a huge following and is doing great."

"I would love to work with her. I can see why she is a big star," he added.

Reynolds also revealed how in awe he was of the Indian film fraternity: "I love how vibrant Bollywood is. I've seen a few films but I can't remember titles. They are so attractive and alive."

Think we'll see these two superstars share screen space soon? Let's hope so!