Updated 30 Jan, 2016

It has finally happened: months after leaving One Direction, the former member of the boy band, Zayn Malik has dropped his first single titled 'Pillow Talk'.

And it's just as steamy as it sounds.

Like many teen pop stars who are eager to prove their diversity, Zayn has ventured into grown-up territory for sure with this music video. Oh, and remember Gigi Hadid, the girl he called his 'good friend' less than 24 hours ago?

Yeah, they don't look like just good friends to us in this clip...and Twitter agrees.

Perhaps this is Malik's way of confirming their rumoured relationship. And what better way to do it than a music video, right?

Gigi aside, fans were elated to hear Malik croon, praising the artistic video.

Some people called his portrayal of women thoughtful too:

The song even gave this guy a genius idea.

The catchy tune comes after much anticipation, months after his exit from the band; fans clearly felt the wait was worth it.

Some people were clearly moved:

However, some are still having a hard time accepting that Zayn and 1D are two separate entities now.